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Two coaches on a mission to train individuals, businesses, and teams to optimize their time and energy, link purpose and productivity, become high achievers, and create lives they love.

We base our coaching on Work+Life Integration to leverage technology and link productivity with purpose in your personal and professional life.

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Tips, tools, resources, and strategies to increase productivity, efficiency, and results.

12 Years of Combined Coaching Experience

Experienced coaches work with your team to target goals and breakthrough obstacles.

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Meet with our coaches to customize a workshop that fits the needs of your teams.

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Customized solutions with implementation strategies, accountability, & direct support.

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Time + Energy Training Workshops

Organizations and teams comprised of healthy, happy, and fulfilled individuals perform at a higher level, work more efficiently, and get better results. At Best Life Ever, we are committed to providing Time + Energy Management Training to spark creativity, purpose, and inspired action at the core of each individual to strengthen your team and organization as a whole.

Success Stories

Meet other awesome people living their Best Life Ever

  • Best Life Ever with Kimi and Pua is worth it. They are professional, friendly, and most of all passionate in wanting to improve the lives of everyone that they touch. They have a wealth of experience and enjoy what they are doing. And you can tell right away that they practice what they teach. I participated in Purposeful Productivity Workshop Level 2 and I was able to take away many valuable insights and practical ways to implement positive changes that will only create more value in my everyday life at home and at work.

    Monica Coldwell, Senior Administrative Assistant, Kamehameha Schools
  • Kimi and Pua’s dedication to you having everything you want in your life and more isn’t easily matched. They will go out of their way to really find that thing that could elevate you to the next level.

    Ryan Charaba
  • What can I say about Kimi & Pua? No matter how hard I try, I know that words will never be enough. These two amazing ladies radiate joy and success. Their simple bits of life advice will help you to unlock your potential within. They have helped me to navigate my path, and to maintain resilience all the while.

    Patrick Gartside
  • You guys amaze me! My entire team has been using “sweet spot” and “fires” and “delights and distractions” since we met with you guys, and I’m just loving how they are doing some immediate applications! The air has been filled with energy and excitement on making our daily lives easier by implementing hacks, tools, and tricks that BLE showed us. Mahalo nui (thank you) for creating a new vibe of professional development!

    Laulani Tuzon
  • Kimi and Pua are simply the most positive, energetic, full of life people I’ve ever met, and their services reflect that in a big way. Highly recommended!

    Fernando Bonato
  • I am feeling so much happier and healthier since starting this process. I thought intellectually I knew all the ways to be happy and driven but I was having an impossible time putting it into practice and I was engaging in a lot of self loathing because I really didn’t like the person I was becoming. I am getting so much closer to my authentic self thanks to you guys. When I signed up for this, I was under incredible financial stress and was wondering how I could invest in myself when I was already broke, but I knew I needed to do SOMETHING! Look at me now I am making more money and working less just a few weeks into my Best Life Ever! I can’t thank you enough!!!
    Janie Brown

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