Living Their Best Life Ever

“I am feeling so much happier and healthier since starting this process. I thought intellectually I knew all the ways to be happy and driven but I was having an impossible time putting it into practice and I was engaging in a lot of self loathing because I really didn’t like the person I was becoming. I am getting so much closer to my authentic self thanks to you guys. When I signed up for this, I was under incredible financial stress and was wondering how I could invest in myself when I was already broke, but I knew I needed to do SOMETHING! Look at me now I am making more money and working less just a few weeks into my Best Life Ever! I can’t thank you enough!!!”

“I’m proud of being happy where I am AND being on a never ending journey to get better as a person, in what I love and for my future. Thanks for the support Kimi + Pua!”

“Thank you [Kimi + Pua] for your encouragement and vast knowledge. This would still be just an idea if it weren’t for your support. My son and I were moving at turtle pace with this biz between his 7th grade homework, Boy Scouts, Chinese school, and jiu jitsu but we took inspired action, moved forward, and look at what we did!

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