Best Life Ever

Weekly Planner

Discover Infinite Possibilities

The Best Life Ever Weekly Planner will bring clarity, joy, and ease to your personal life, your family, and your business. That’s true work+life integration.

Focus on creating your Big Vision

Every 90 days, you get to explore your Big Vision. Each week, you will create a schedule that allows you to bring your Big Vision to life!

Time, Energy, & Calendar Management

Learn to say YES to the things you’re excited about, and NO to the things that don’t serve you.

Weekly Gratitude Practice

As Brene Brown says, “There is no JOY without GRATITUDE.” Create a true appreciation for the wonderful things in our lives with a gentle weekly gratitude practice.

Nurture Deep Relationships

Life is too short to put off spending time with the people that matter most to you. In a world of superficial electronic interactions, be the person who prioritizes quality relationships.

Task Management

We all have to-do lists that seem to go on forever. With this process, you won’t just get more done, you’ll get more of the right things done!

Be Purposefully Productive

It’s time to say “goodbye” to busy work and “hello!” to deep, meaningful work that brings you closer to your Big Vision. Whether you’re doing this at home or with your organization, you’ll be more productive, efficient, and energized.

Create more time for the the things that matter

“If you don’t know where you’re going, any road will get you there.” – Lewis Carroll. Know what matters, know why it matters, and do more of the things that keep you feeling fulfilled.

People like you are living their Best Life Ever

This process changes lives, connects families, and takes businesses to the next level.


Kyle Watanabe

Fintess Ninja & New Mommy

“I’m so thankful I found the Best Life Ever planning process before I entered the joys of motherhood! Everything in my life changed after I had my daughter, and the Best Life Ever planner helped me to create a life and a schedule that continued to align with my vision, even as that vision took a new shape.”


Shama Rain Andrews

New Mama, Artist, RN

“Kimi & Pua’s philosophy is to create time for the things that really matter. For me, that’s my husband, my beautiful baby boy, my family, and my friends. But it’s also making sure I have time for myself and time to create! The Best Life Ever planner helps me to remember the things that are important to me, even when life gets busy.”


Logan Okita

First Grade Teacher & Master of Crafts

“Spending 8-hours a day with first-graders is super fun and rewarding…and also akes me want to take a long nap during my lunchbreak. That’s why I love my Best Life Ever planner! I am able to clearly plan out and prioritize my lesson plans, to-do’s, grocery lists, and my workouts…so when I’m with the kids, I feel calm, organized, and prepared and I can truly enjoy every moment.”